Renewable Gasfield Gabersdorf: Two years of experience with power-to-gas (P2G) technology

Two years ago, the concept of the Renewable Gasfield Gabersdorf was presented at the ISEC 2022 conference. Now, two years later, we can present the experience we have gained in the meantime, which includes the process of planning with the authorities, the construction period and – most importantly – the commissioning.

During this time, not only was the P2G system put into operation, but we also experienced more and more hours with a surplus of solar power produced in the surrounding area. For example, the electrical output of the existing solar parks had to be reduced several times a year in order to maintain a stable electricity grid.

Although the PEM electrolyser with a total output of 1.4 MW can still be considered a small project, it is clear that the concept of generating green hydrogen and then using this hydrogen to upgrade raw biogas to pure biomethane is a perfect concept for permanently storing excess electrical energy in the existing natural gas grid.


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