Process technology

EnviCare ® Engineering GmbH applies process engineering solutions in the fields of waste, exhaust air and wastewater treatment, but also energy and product recovery. Especially in the field of membrane technology and associated biotechnological processes, we support our customers in the development and implementation of innovative processes.

Our competencies in the field of process engineering include:

  • Mass transfer
  • Membrane separation process
  • Chemical, thermal, mechanical and physical processes
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Mass transfer

EnviCare Forschung Membrandestillation Gärrest Ammonium

EnviCare® is working on the development of mass transfer processes based on membrane technology, e.g. for the direct extraction of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisers from biogas slurry or from the turbid water of digestion towers.

Up to now, membrane technology has mostly been used in environmental engineering plants for wastewater treatment and thus for the separation of clean water from contaminated wastewater. The driving force here is always the energy-intensive applied pressure, while we strive to use diffusion as the driving force and thus sustainably reduce the energy requirement and at the same time enrich recyclable materials.

Mechanical and physical processes

EnviCare® uses mechanical and physical processes in both wastewater treatment and air pollution control. For example, these physical precipitation and flocculation plants are used for the pre-treatment of industrial wastewater, but also as a preliminary stage for sewage sludge dewatering.

Cyclones and compressed air pulse filters are often used for dedusting industrial exhaust air, but also for flue gas cleaning in the form of the dry additive process.

Chemical and thermal processes

EnviCare® uses chemical processes mostly as sub-processes in the overall plant design, e.g. chemical exhaust air scrubbers are often installed as a sub-component of a mechanical-biological waste treatment plant.

Thermal processes such as drying are an essential process step in the food industry, but also in sewage sludge treatment.

Diffusion-driven membrane separation processes such as nanofiltration and reverse osmosis are classified as thermal separation processes, even if they take place at normal temperatures.

Absorption and adsorption play an increasingly important role, especially in the area of selective pollutant removal from wastewater, e.g. in the elimination of trace substances with activated carbon (fourth treatment stage).

We gained experience with the project planning of distillation processes in the course of planning bioethanol plants.

Our diverse services in the field of process engineering and our offers are always individually adapted to customer needs:

  • Process engineering planning services
  • Handling tenders and official procedures
  • Consulting (feasibility studies, concept development)