Research and Development

Since the beginning of the activity, EnviCare® has always placed the highest value on participation in research and development projects and on close cooperation with university and non-university research institutions.

The starting point of each research and development contract is a clarification of the state of the art of technology and science and, if necessary, a patent search. The exact definition and delimitation of the task is another essential step. The existing good and informal contact with research institutions ensures a targeted approach.

EnviCare Forschung AR-HES-B Abwasserreinigung Energie

Naturally, accompanying funding and project management form the basis for a successful research and development process. Likewise, pilot tests in industrial and municipal environments are part of a successful implementation of projects.

Membrane technology

EnviCare Membrane Bioreaktor

Especially in the field of membrane technology, EnviCare® has been involved in several research projects over the last 10 years.

The following table lists some of the research and development topics:

Year Topic
Development of a MBR for the Halbenrain landfill leachate treatment plant in cooperation with the Universities of Graz TU, PBF Zagreb and INSA Toulouse.
Mechanical-biological treatment of the fine fraction as a measure of an optimisation concept in relation to existing waste treatment plants, using the example of the Liezen waste plant.
Optimisation of nitrate and phosphate reduction through the use of innovative membrane processes and control strategies in existing wastewater treatment plants without volume increase
Innovative membrane filtration technology combined with an energy-efficient aeration and control strategy with the aim of demonstrating the possibility of obtaining drinking water from municipal waste water
Integrated Wastewater Treatment Process using Mesh Filter Modules for Direct Activated Sludge Separation
Recovery of methanol from the waste water of a biodiesel plant by means of reverse osmosis
Innovative membrane distillation for the recovery of recyclable materials and energy in municipal wastewater treatment
ArHes-B - Wastewater treatment for hybrid energy storage, energy provision and recovery of valuable materials
Renewable Gasfield
Move 2 zero

MBR experimental plant

Due to the different qualities of the to be treated municipal and industrial waste water , a trial operation is advisable in order to get to know the given framework conditions and to optimise the mode of operation.

EnviCare® has therefore developed a mobile test facility on a technical scale, which is housed in a standard ISO container and enables simple and quick transport and installation of the experimental unit. After the preliminary clarification, the biology can be operated either aerobically, anoxically or anaerobically. In addition, a plant monitoring system with PLC control is integrated for the handling and fully automatic operation of the membrane filtration plant.

The container has already been used successfully in numerous projects (municipal sewage treatment plant, beverage producer, waste treatment companies, electroplating company, landfill leachate cleaning) and the trial run is always comprehensively supported by us.

EnviCare MBR Membranbioreaktor Versuchsanlage Abwasserreinigung


Our services in the field of research and development are very diverse and our offers are individually adapted to customer needs:

  • Process engineering planning services
  • Handling tenders and official procedures
  • Consulting (feasibility studies, concept development)
  • Indirect discharger advice