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Leachate Treatment with RCDT Reverse Osmosis

From September, 19th to September, 21th the “International Solid Waste Association“(ISWA) – world congress took place in Novi Sad, Serbia. EnviCare® Engineering GmbH was represented by Dr. Bernhard Mayr, who gave a lecture on „Leachate Treatment with RCDT Reverse Osmosis“.

Today the necessity to purify highly polluted leachate means that the chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia and heavy metals with the sum parameter electric conductivity must be reduced by more than 95%. This either asks for a sophisticated combination of several coupled unit processes or can be obtained by reverse osmosis (RO) membranes as simple stand alone solution.

Due to its superior hydrodynamic design the RCDT-RO technology yields less pressure drop and consequently the energy demand is up to 30% less compared to common DT-RO products.

A second innovation by the RCDT system is focused on easy maintenance: the Easy-Click system allows the exchange of modules in minimum time and thus helps to save working costs and reduces down time.

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