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Lecture at 13th Aachen Conference on Water Technology

The Conference will take place at RWTH Aachen University from 29 – 30 October 2019. In this context, Teresa Garstenauer MSc will present the implementation of a membrane bioreactor for the post-treatment of electroplating waste water.

In the electroplating industry, the surface treatment of metal products generates waste water which is primarily purified by precipitation reactions. Still, the filtrate of the chamber filter press contains significant amounts of COD, heavy metals (e.g. zinc, iron, chromium) and other filterable substances. In order to meet the quality requirements for direct discharge, the filtrate has to be polished by use of membrane bioreactors.

Further information can be found at the homepage of the RWTH-Aachen, our lecture-handout and in the programm of the 13th Aachen Conference on Water Technology.

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